Letter to Website Visitors



Dear Website Visitor:

If you visit our farm, it will look much like any other farm; it will not look like a picture-perfect post card. On this site, however, I have chosen to put some of the nicer photos taken during different seasons in order to show the charm of the Babydoll Southdown and the beautiful livestock guardian dogs who take such loving care of them. I hope to help my viewers see a glimpse of farm life and be transported to a kinder and happier place, even if only for a brief period.

I dedicate this site to my husband, who designed and built every fence, barn and shelter at Little Flower Lambs with his own creativity and hammer; he drove, loaded and unloaded his '99 Toyota Tacoma with each load of lumber used to build the farm. Every structure went up by hand, with tool belt strapped to his waist and often, a diet Coke in hand.

He encouraged me to acquire my first sheep at a time in my life when most people might have discouraged me, had they known my health struggles. Over the years, I have benefited greatly from daily farming,  bit by bit -- chore by chore. My husband continues to build our farm with tremendous dedication and love. Without him, the reality of owning and raising Babydoll Southdown sheep and our beautiful Polish Tatra sheepdogs would never have been possible. I hope to assist his future retirement through my daily commitment to managing and caring for this farm.

I  thank our wonderful daughters for their years of devotion and assistance at the farm and our son for his technical assistance that made this site possible.

Thank you for stopping by our website. Enjoy!


Lisa Arnold