2019 Lamb Waiting list

We will be breeding for 2019 lambs. Our waiting list is full but will accept applications for you to be on our backup waiting list. We will notify you if an opening comes up after lambing.

We always encourage you to sign up with several breeders, in case we do not have a good match for you. We only sell a few lambs each year, typically, as we are striving to improve the breed and grow our flock for good health, fleeces and conformation, and this is a slow process. Please specify if you are wanting to remain on our list, so we can get back with you after lambs are born to let you know whether we have a match for you. Please make contact with us again in September, just prior to breeding, if you are serious about wanting a lamb or lambs from that season, even if you have filled out my form. If you would like to purchase a lamb from Little Flower Lambs, please fill out the form below, requesting that your name be added to our waiting list. We will keep the list for 3 years.

The more you can share with us about your sheep setup, interest and needs, the easier it is for us to help you find a good match.  Vineyard owners and fiber artists will receive top priority on our waiting list.  If you request, we will happily share photos. We make no guarantees as to a lamb’s breeding or show qualities, but we strive to breed for excellent type, sound health, and structure. We codon test our lambs. All of our lambs come with a Scrapies ear tag,  farm tag,  CDT shot and a worming or negative fecal check prior to placement in their new homes.

We generally do not take deposits a year in advance for our lambs, because we find that we can better match our lambs to their new owners after lambs are born. We notify you when we have a possible match/matches about a month after we finish lambing, usually in late spring.   Some of our sheep are registered with NABSSAR and some with OEBR; some are dual-registered. Wethers are sold unregistered only. Lambs are typically available for pickup in early summer.

Individual lambs will only go to homes having other sheep for companionship. Otherwise, sheep will be sold in groups of two of more.

Once an email has been sent notifying you that we have a lamb/lambs available for you, a deposit of $150.00 for each lamb is required within ten days. The deposit for each lamb is nonrefundable, unless the lamb has become injured, sick or has passed away, though it can be put toward the purchase of a future lamb in a future year. The remainder of the purchase price can be paid before or at pickup. If the lamb is registrable, we will initiate the lamb transfer paperwork upon clearance of your final check by the bank. We can accept Paypal. All checks should be made out to Little Flower Lambs. 

We require adequate transportation for our lambs. Buyers are responsible for arranging this. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal to any person prior to purchase. Serious inquiries only.


2018 Puppy waiting list

Our list is now full, but we can save your name as a backup, should one of our potential new owners decide not to go forward with their purchase of a future Polish Tatra puppy.

Our Polish Tatra Sheepdog bitch, "Kazia" (Baska-Fantazja Filos), DOB 2012, was imported from Poland as a puppy. She is loyal to both our human family and our sheep. She has outstanding conformation. Each day, she likes to follow me around the farm with warmth and devotion, having a particularly close and loving human bond.  She has an intriguing, fun personality around her family but  is reserved with strangers. She gets along well with other dogs, animals and family friends. She is registered with FCI, UKC and ARBA. Her photos are listed under the "DOG" tab at the top of this page.  We hope to have puppies available by late spring of 2018. Hip testing results:  OFA good and elbows OFA normal at two years of age. 

We are striving to help establish a solid foundation for the Polish Tatra sheepdog in America. We are sorry that we do not have a definite time frame for puppies, but continue our search for a puppy of the highest quality since our bitch is advancing in age.  Our lovely, hopeful stud, Zuszek, turned out to have mild hip dysplasia at the age of 2, so we decided to neuter him and he now thrives in his role as a committed sheepdog to our flock of sheep. We have begun again to search for an outstanding male puppy. In the meantime, we have decided to try artificial insemination and are in the process of working with the owner of an amazing Polish Tatra male overseas and plan to breed Kazia during her next heat to this stud. He just had his hips x-rayed and rated and they were HDA, so we are thrilled to move forward with our plans for AI.

All puppies will be sold with limited registrations and must be spayed or neutered before one year of age, unless an alternate arrangement has been agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties.

Polish Tatras are an impressive livestock guardian breed. They possess many special qualities. The Polish Tatra Sheepdog Association of America aptly describes the breed in this way: 'It is hardy, courageous, lively, alert, agile, gentle, and calm. It is loyal to its owners, affectionate with children, independent, highly intelligent and able to assess situations without human guidance. Although generally very gentle with children, Tatras will not tolerate abuse. They get along well with other pets and are not highly dog-dog aggressive. They typically are wakeful and vigilant during night hours and are territorial of both home and surroundings.' 

Polish Tatras do best with a job of some kind. Farm life is ideal, although they can live as pets with the right setup. A daily brushing is a must for bonding and keeping their coats healthy, along with daily exercise, discipline, structure and affection.  

If you would like to be added to our backup waiting list, please fill out the form below.  We  will notify you after whelping if we have a match for you. If we contact you stating that we do have a potential puppy for you, you will receive photos, a description, and pricing information. You will then have ten days to decide if you would like to purchase the puppy. At that time, you will be asked to send a non-refundable deposit for half of the purchase price, made out to Little Flower Lambs, within ten days, confirming your intention to buy. We can accept Paypal.

All puppies will come with a written contract and up-to-date shots. Serious inquiries only.