2020 Lamb Waiting list

Our waiting list for 2020 lambs is full but we will happily accept an application from you to be on our backup waiting list. If you would like to purchase a lamb from us, please fill out the form below. We will notify you if an opening comes up after our spring 2020 lambing.

We always encourage you to sign up with several breeders, in case we do not have a good match for you. We only sell a few lambs each year, as we are striving to improve the breed and grow our flock for good health, sound fleeces and solid conformation, and this is a slow process. Please make contact with us again in September, just prior to our breeding season, if you are serious about wanting a lamb or lambs for the early summer.

After ten years of diligently working to improve our Babydoll Southdown flock, we have sound breeding stock with good health, good lambing ability, good conformation and solid genetics. Therefore, we have recently made the decision to breed our black Babydolls strictly for fiber purposes from this juncture forward. We want to allow some of the natural variation to express itself in their fleeces, so we will be focusing on producing the best Babydoll Southdown fleeces we can for hand spinners and any lambs from our black sheep will be sold as a small, unregistered flock, and not for the purpose of breeding. Our white Babydolls, however, will continue to be sold as registered (some dual registered and some NABSSAR only) and bred for the show ring and fiber purposes; many are dual registered, but conformation will continue to be emphasized more heavily in our future breeding.

The more you can share with us about your sheep setup, interest and needs, the easier it is for us to help you find a good match.  Vineyard owners and fiber artists will receive top priority on our waiting list.  If you request, we will happily share photos. We make no guarantees as to a lamb’s breeding or show qualities, but we strive to breed for excellent type, sound health, and structure. We codon test our lambs. All of our lambs come with a Scrapies ear tag, farm tag, CDT shot, CDT booster, hoof trim and at least two wormings or a negative fecal check prior to placement in their new homes.

We do not register our wethers. Lambs are typically available for pickup in early summer.

Individual lambs will only go to homes having other sheep for companionship. Otherwise, sheep will be sold in groups of two of more.

We do not take deposits a year in advance for our lambs, because we find that we can better match our lambs to their new owners after lambs are born. We notify you when we have a possible match/matches about a month after we finish lambing, usually in late spring.  

Once an email has been sent notifying you that we have a lamb/lambs available for you, a written confirmation is requested, along with a deposit of $150.00 for each lamb within ten days. The deposit for each lamb is nonrefundable, but can be put toward the purchase of a future lamb in a future year. The remainder of the purchase price can be paid before or at pickup. If the lamb is registrable, we will initiate the lamb transfer paperwork upon clearance of your final check by the bank. We can accept Paypal. All checks should be made out to Little Flower Lambs. 

We require adequate transportation for our lambs. Buyers are responsible for arranging this. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal to any person prior to purchase. Thank you for your interest in our sheep. Serious inquiries only.


2021Puppy waiting list

We thank all who have patiently waited with us for so many years as we have prepared to get our breeding program off to the best start possible. We still await our first litter, which we anticipate to be in 2021.

Our puppies will be required to be spayed or neutered. We welcome feedback about each puppy from our future owners.  With only a handful of breeders of the Polish Tatra Sheepdog in the United States, this feedback will be very important to enable us continually improve our future breeding program. Our primary goal in breeding is to replace the working Polish Tatra Sheepdogs on our farm, while also helping to preserve this rare breed by importing and preserving some of the finest Tatra lines we can find.

Polish Tatras are an impressive livestock guardian breed. They possess many special qualities. The Polish Tatra Sheepdog Association of America aptly describes the breed in this way: 'It is hardy, courageous, lively, alert, agile, gentle, and calm. It is loyal to its owners, affectionate with children, independent, highly intelligent and able to assess situations without human guidance. Although generally very gentle with children, Tatras will not tolerate abuse. They get along well with other pets and are not highly dog-dog aggressive. They typically are wakeful and vigilant during night hours and are territorial of both home and surroundings.' 

Polish Tatras do best with a job of some kind. They are serious guardian dogs and give warning to strangers; they are not bred to attack but will typically bark or growl to fend off intruders and typically only act if provoked or their warnings are ignored.  Each friend of the family should be introduced to the Tatra puppy individually, allowing the puppy to smell the human thoroughly, before any physical contact is offered, so he or she can begin to learn who belongs to the family/friend circle. Farm life is ideal for Tatras, although they can live as pets with the right setup. A daily brushing is a must for bonding and keeping their coats healthy, along with daily exercise, discipline, structure and affection. 

If you would like to be added to our 2021 waiting list, please fill out the form below.  We  will notify you after whelping if a slot opens up for you.  If we contact you stating that we have a puppy that looks like he or she would fit your needs, you will receive photos, videos and pricing information. You will then have a week to decide if you would like to purchase that particular puppy and postmark a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the purchase price, made out to Little Flower Tatras confirming your intention to buy. A week later, 50% of purchase price will be due. We can accept Paypal ( via littleflowerlambs@gmail.com ). We do NOT accept any monies until after puppies are born and we have contacted you and informed you that we have a puppy available for you.

All puppies will come with a written contract, puppy health certificate and up-to-date shots. Thank you for your interest in our future litter. Serious inquiries only.